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About us 
We are the Office of digital competencies at "Astana Hub" (DCO) - we provide a digital technological examination,
by offering advanced technical knowledge, access to the latest information on digital technologies, as well as R&D laboratories,
pilot and experimental projects, and attracting other technological and scientific infrastructures.


To improve employees' skills in order to implement the automazation and digitialization processes the company

Mutual (win-win) cooperation between the customer  developer

What problems do most companies face?

  • Company

    • Lack of skills in the compilation of Technical assignments and documents
    • Wrong assesment of deadlines
    • Lack of understanding of the final result
    • Overestimated budget
    • Inefficient project management / order structure
    • The system does not comply with actual circumstances.

  • IT-supplier

    • Lack of communication skills with customers
    • Focus on income only
    • Constant time-consuming revisions - Time to Market
    • Invalid resource evaluation methods
    • Inefficient project management / order structure
    • The system does not comply with actual circumstances.

Digital competencies office

⇒ Will carry out a preliminary diagnosis 1.0

⇒ Will provide a media communication with the customer / executor and support the technical documentation

⇒ Will develop digital competency of your employees


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What do we offer? 


Conducting preliminary diagnostics to:

- determine the readiness for change

- identifying employees' competence levels

- creating an action plan check-list for the implementation of automation

Automation / Digitalization

Improving the company's performance through:

- processes and support

- assessing the correctness of tecnical documentation

- improving the means of communication between the Customer and the Developer



Impoving employees skills through:

- digital competenices courses

- expert consultation

- communication and cooperation in a digital environment

What is the process?

  • Day 1

    Call request

    Getting feedback

  • From day 2

    Definition on cooperation details and the portrait of your team

  • 2 weeks and more

    Diagnostics 1.0.


Digital competencies office


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