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Freelancing is a remote way of earning money without the need for employment in the state. You can be anywhere in Kazakhstan and take orders from all over the world.

As a freelancer, you can independently choose only the projects and tasks that interest you, as well as determine the amount of work and your work schedule.

Who is suitable for this online course?

For novice freelancers

After completing the training, you will be able to register on the freelance platform and receive your first order from anywhere in the world.

Continuing freelancer

You will be able to optimize your profile and choose the best platforms for the world's top freelancers.

What you will learn



What is freelance

Where to find these "projects from all over the world”, which specialties are in demand in the market and what advantages of freelancing exist.



How to work on the fastest growing platform for remote earnings in the world.


How to work on the largest freelance platform in the world, working on the bidding model.



How to work on a startup platform that has captured a large chunk of the freelance market from around the world.



How to work on the best non-bidding platform, where the strongest representatives of IT and digital specialties are selected.


How to work in the freelance market in the CIS. A great launching pad without knowledge of English.

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  • Когда стартует курс?

    Freelance School starts on November 4 and will last 10 days.

  • How to get on the course?

    You need to register for the course by clicking on the "I want to go to the course" button. You will receive an answer on the application before the start of the course.

  • Where will the course take place?

    The course will be held online on the Astana Hub educational platform, which you will get access to after your application is approved.

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Applications are accepted until November 4, 2021
The duration of the program is from November 4 to November 13, 2021