Open an innovative office

in Astana Hub

Become a participant in R&D program opening


R&D Laboratory in Astana Hub is an innovative office of your company, aimed to create and implement new products and solutions in conjunction with startups, students and developers.

If you are a team that is successfully developing an IT project, Astana Hub invites you to open your innovative office at the site of the largest technopark in Central Asia!


Become a part of Astana Hub along with tech giants!

R&D program opportunities!

Startups for help

Quick Startups access for testing and launching projects using AI, AR / VR, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data and other new technologies.


The growing Astana Hub community  makes it easy to find partners among IT companies, business environment, public sector and universities.

Access to the ecosystem

Educational programs, workshops and the largest events for the IT community will not pass by you!

Human resource access

You can easily create your team within Astana Hub walls. You will have the access to graduates of IT universities and ALEM programming school.

Selection procedure

To have an IT project or an acitivity that develops the field.

It is compulsary to have an acivity implemented with information and communication technologies or projects that aimed to develop the field and startup-ecosystems

Contribution to the ecosystem

R&D should create a  value for the ecosystem: educational events, provide equipment and software, internship, mentorship, investment and others.

Open your own R&D Center 

in Astana Hub.


Corporate innovations and digital competenies development subprograms

Scouting, hackathon and digitalization day challenge organization

Are you looking for techological or innovative solution?

Our Office organizes events to find solutions within the IT community!

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Digitalization courses

Not sure what digitalization is?                                            

Be on trend, aplly to our courses!


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DCO Program


You will be treated and looked after exclusively by me!

R&D office program opening

Find out the possibilities of the Program and become a member of the Astana Hub ecosystem!

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Acceleration and incubation programs

You have an MVP but you are not sure how to monetize it and go to the market?

Participate in the Accelerator program!

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Product manager school

To be implemented...