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Program stages

№1. Registration

Registration and confirmation mail

№2. LMS Astana Hub

Moving to the Astana Hub distance learning management system

№3. Passing the course

Startup School for Future Founders

№4. Certificate

After completing the entire course and passing the final test, you will receive a certificate from Astana Hub

№5. Live-meeting

After the completion of all modules, there will be a live meeting with speakers and course creators

№6. Bonuses

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Guide Book for the future startup founder

Introduction to Startup School

Welcome speech from CEO Astana Hub

Rules, structure, answers to questions

What is Astana Hub?

Course goal, objectives and results

Basic of the course - 6 modules

What is a startup?

In this section, you will learn about the differences between a startup and a traditional business, get acquainted with the main terms often used by the startup community.

Finding ideas

At this stage, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to start your journey into the startup world and where to look for ideas.


This section contains information on how to build a team, as well as learn about Customer development.


In this section, you will learn how to analyze the market and audience, calculate profit and loss.

Business modelling

This section contains information about the Canvas business model. You will learn how to test an idea with minimal investment, get advice on how to create an MVP in different areas.

How to attract an investor?

In this section, experts will share the secrets of a successful project presentation, talk about the stages of attracting investments, as well as about the main mistakes of startups.

Completion Bonuses

  • How incubation differs from acceleration

    Video tutorial with animation

  • Opportunities for startups in the regions of Kazakhstan

    Guide Book

  • Analysis of interesting startups in the region and the world

    Video tutorial with animation

  • Review of business and educational programs Astana Hub

    Video tutorial with animation


Nazerke Kalidolda

ex-Google,, exponential.program, Forbes Under30

Arkadiy Seleznev

Managing Director of Astana Hub for Development and Export

Alina Abdrakhmanova

invr_kz, Geneva Business School, KAZGUU Business School 

Marat Tolibaev

Startuper in IT, Business angel, Mentor, Investor

Rinata Ilyubaeva


Akbota Issakhanova

Project Manager for Research and Development at KazDream Technologies LLC

Meruert Kenesova

Acting Director of the Office of Educational Programs Astana Hub

Aibar Ussenov

Senior Manager of the Office of Educational Programs Astana Hub


Nazerke will accompany you throughout the course. Together with her, you will go from generation to implementation of your idea and will be able to meet with her at a webinar as part of the course.



  • Is the stage of my project important for participation in Startup School?

    No, you can take part in Startup School even if you don't have a startup or idea yet. The course is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as startups with an idea at the MVP stage.

  • How much does it cost to take a Startup School course?

    The training is absolutely free.

  • How does the course work?

    You take classes at a convenient time for you.

  • What platform will the training be on? Do I need to install any programs?

    To complete the training, you do not need to install third-party programs and applications. The course will be on our Alpha Education platform.

  • Will there be access to lectures at the end of the course?

    For graduates of Startup School Astana Hub who have received a certificate, access to the course will be provided on an ongoing basis.

  • What supporting documents will I receive upon completion of the course?

    Upon completion of the course and successful completion of the final test, you will receive a certificate from Astana Hub.


Acceptance of applications until November 15, 2021
Duration of the program - 2 weeks